EERA workshop on H2 & O2 separation membranes

RSE is a Participant of EERA CCS Joint Programme and, among others, is involved in tasks concerning both H2 and O2-selective membranes (SP 2.1 and SP 3.2).

In this frame RSE has organized a focused workshop in Milano on 28 September 2011. The meeting has been chaired by P. Pinacci (DEMOYS project Coordinator). Participants included representative from the following organization: CSIC, ECN, Imperial College, Juelich, Politecnico di Milano, Riso DTU, Sintef,  Edinburgh University, Vito. 

Discussion covered, among others, objectives, approaches, and open results concerning 7th FP projects on membranes where the above Organization are involved (Cachet II, DECARBit, DEMOYS, HETMOC, Nasa-OTM). 

During the meeting it has been proposed that Deliverable 4.1 of DEMOYS: “Preliminary definition of plant configurations and specifications of membrane operating conditions” could be the basis to define the “most viable integration options for O2-selective membranes in a power plant (e.g. Milestone 3.4 of EERA CCS Prpogramme). Since the report is confidential, DEMOYS Steering Committee has agreed to make it public. Consequently the report has been distributed among the participants to the Milano meeting and charged in the open area of DEMOYS web site.


DEMOYS is on the road !

On May 18 and 19, 2010, 27 representatives of the 15 Partners,  as well as the Commission Officer, met in Milano for the DEMOYS kick-off meeting. During the kick-off meeting, the governing board of the project has been established, e.g. Steering Committee members, WP leaders and the Exploitation Manager have been appointed. Scientific and technical issues concerning membrane development, particularly in relation to WP1 and WP2 activities, were discussed in detail in a specific workshop. Based on that, the work programme of the first period was better focused and, consequently, scientific work could start immediately after the end of the meeting. 



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