Conferences and journal publications

38th Int. Conference on Advanced Ceramics and Composites, Daytona Beach, Florida, (USA), January 26-31, 2014.
High Oxygen Permeance ITM from Plasma Sprayed LaSrCoFeO on Porous Metallic Supports, M. O. Jarligo, R. Vaßen, M. Bram (Juelich), J. M. Serra, J. Garcia-Fayos (CSIC)
13th Int. Symposium on Solid Oxide Fuel Cells, Okinawa (Jap), Oct. 6-11, 2013   
Three-Dimensional Performance Model for Oxygen Transport Membranes, A. Häffelin, C. Niedrig, S. F. Wagner, A. Weber, E. Ivers-Tiffée (KIT-U)
IEAGHG 3rd Oxyfuel Combustion Conference, Ponteferrada (Spain), Sept. 9-13, 2013 

Optimization of an oxy-fuel CFB plant with oxygen production by electrolytic membrane, M.C. Romano, F. Furesi, D. Tagliapietra, P. Chiesa (Politecnico di Milano),  L. Mancuso (Foster Wheeler Italiana)    

Presentations at the Inorganic Membrane Summer School Valencia, September 4-6th 2013



P.Pinacci, Dense Membranes for Efficent Oxygen and Hydrogen Separation


R. Vassen et al., Plasma Spray-Physical Vapour Depositon (PS-PVD) of Thin Film Oxygen and Proton Conducting Membranes on Porous Metallic Supports


F. Drago, Evaluation of the Porous Support Influence on the Permeation of Asymmetric Membranes


S. F. Wagner et al., MIEC Materials for Membrane Applications: Electrochemical Characterization and Performance modeling


P.Chiesa et al., Integration of OTM in an Oxyfuel Circulating Fuidized Bed Boiler Coal Plant


M. Scrignari et al., Advanced Processing of  Asymmetric Oxygen Transport Ceramic Membrane on Porous Metallic Support

Best Poster Award !


F. Azzurri et al., Characterization of High Temperature Hydrogen and Oxygen Transport Membranes Deposited by Low Pressure Plasma Spraying

Journal publications  

P. Pinacci et al., Dense membranes for efficent oxygen and hydrogen separation (DEMOYS): project overview and first results,           Energy Procedia Vol. 37 (2013), pp. 1030-1038


P.Chiesa et al., Efficient low CO2 emissions power generation by mixed  conducting membranes,   Energy Procedia  Vol. 37  (2013),  pp. 905-913                                                        


Int. Thermal Spray Conference 2013, Busan (Kor), 13-15.05.2013

Plasma Spray-Physical Vapor Deposition of La1-x SrxCoyFe1-yO3-d Thin Film Oxygen Transport Membrane on Porous Metallic Supports           M. O. Jarligo,  G. Mauer, M. Bram, S. Baumann, R. Vassen (Forschungs-zentrum Juelich)


GHGT11, Kyoto (Jap), 18-22.11.2012

Dense membranes for efficent oxygen and hydrogen separation (DEMOYS): project overview and first results, P.Pinacci (RSE)

Efficent low CO2 emissions power generation by mixed conducting membranes, P. Chiesa, M. Romano, V. Spallina, D. Turi (Politecnico di Milano), L. Mancuso (Foster Wheeler Italiana)


  Euromembrane 2012, London (UK), 23-27.09.2012 

Characterization of defectiveness of oxygen transport membranes deposited by  low pressure plasma  spraying-thin  film  process,           F. Azzurri, G. Capannelli, A. Comite (University of Genoa), R.Vassen(Juelich) R. Damani, M. Gindrat (Sulzer) F. Drago (RSE)   


International Thermal Spray Conference 2012, Houston (USA),          21-23.05.2012

Plasma species during low pressure plasma spraying of La1-xSrxFe1-yCoyO3-d , N. Zotov, T. Markus, G. Mauer, R. Vassen (Forschungs-zentrum Juelich)


Presentations at the 3rd European Conference on CCS Research, Development and Demonstration, London (UK), 24-26.05.2011

Project overview, P.Pinacci (RSE)

WP1&2 first results, H. Haerings (Sulzer)



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