R&D activities of DEMOYS


 WP1            Material selection and optimization
 WP leader: Sulzer Markets and Technology
  • Selection, modification and manufacture of membrane support: define geometry, type of material, physical and chemical characteristics of supports in order to meet requirements for deposition with Low Pressure Plasma Spray – Thin Film (LPPS-TF) process. 
  • Selection, optimization and manufacture of powders to be used for LPPS-TF process: development and characterisation of materials suitable for use as high flux dense oxygen or hydrogen separation membranes.


 WP2            Membrane development and basic characterization
 WP leaderForschungszentrum Juelich
  • Deposition of a thin film on supports developed in WP1 with the LPPS-TF process in order to obtain dense membranes for O2 and H2 separation.
  • Deposition of catalytic layers on both side of membranes in order to enhance the surface reactions becoming rate limiting for thin membranes.
  • Development of a 3-dimensional FEM model describing transport phenomena in multi-layered membranes, to be applied for a model aided design of membranes.   


WP3            Membrane functional characterization
WP leader:Instytut Energetyki (IEn)
  • Definition of standard conditions and procedures for functional testing of O2 and H2 membranes.
  • Development and construction of the facilities for O2 and H2 membranes tests.
  • Performing membranes functional tests in order to verify performances established for the mid-term review and, thereafter, evaluate stability and performances on the long-term.
WP4            Membrane integration in power generation plants 
WP leader: Politecnico di Milano - Dipartimento di Energia
  • Assessment of performance of power generation and electricity + hydrogen co-production plants incorporating separation modules based on Mixed Conducting Membranes developed in WP 2.
  • To provide specifications (e.g. operating conditions) for membrane development (WP2) and pilot tests activities (WP 3 and WP 5).
  • To provide input data for the assessment of the CO2 capture cost in power generation and electricity + H2 co-production plants carried out in WP 6.
WP5             Prototype membrane manufacturing and testing
 WP leader: SOL
  • Design and manufacture of prototype membranes.
  • Design and construction of the facilities for testing of membranes.
  • Assess performances and stability of membranes in contact with “real” gases in the pilot-test installation.
  • Address technical guidelines for membrane module preliminary design.
WP6            process scale-up and cost evaluation     
 WP leader: Foster Wheeler Italiana
  • Evaluation of the cost of electricity and CO2 capture in membrane-integrated power plants.



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